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Partner with Kee Safety for seamless and efficient service, from the initial design and conception, to delivery and installation.

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Once we have completed a detailed site survey or received your technical drawings, our team of experts will prepare a tailored solution that separates your workers from hazards. OSHA requirements, and wind speed will be considered when preparing your customized project. Our expert installers will arrive at your location to fit your fall protection equipment to specification.



We are able to certify any fall protection equipment you’ve had installed, and ensure it was fitted to the manufacturer’s specification. Our specialists will identify any problems, and once they’ve been resolved, they will certify that the system was properly installed – reducing your company’s liability.


A specialist will come to your site and supervise your contractor’s installation to ensure they install the fall protection system to the manufacturer’s specification. During the install, our experts will work with your team to ensure that a safety plan is in place and being adhered to.


With this option, we handle the full scope of the project outline. Our team will travel to your site and install your fall protection equipment following the manufacturer’s specifications. They will also provide any training needed for the safe use and maintenance of your fall protection system.



Whether it’s fully installing your fall protection system or certifying a recent installation, you will be reassured that your equipment is safe to use.


By certifying your safety system, we share the responsibility of ensuring your system is safe.


We will help you schedule and plan your project to ensure it is accomplished on time and under budget.


Most installations include technical drawings. This will enable you to be certain the project was done properly to the agreed-upon design.




    As a partner, you’ll receive exclusive pricing on materials and products, giving you higher margins on your installations. Plus we’ll give you comprehensive training, tools, and on-site demonstrations.
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