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Easi-Dec mobile access work platform is the ideal choice for contractors and installers working up to roofline level. Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, Easi-Dec can be erected in under ten minutes. The platform is built on the ground, then raised to the required height using telescopic legs. Tested to European and North American standards, Easi-Dec provides a fully-compliant working platform, which can safely span wall obstructions such as windows, porches and doors.



The Easi-Dec platform has a unique design and tool-free assembly that enables it to be nstalled and ready for work in minutes, minimising the time spent on-site.


The ideal platform working at roofline level. Easi-Dec is height adjustable up to 22 feet with independently adjustable telescopic legs.


Once the system has been raised, it can be easily ‘lifted and shifted’ to another work area on-site without the need for disassembly.


Forget paying for scaffolding for weeks on one job. Easi-Dec can be quickly raised and lowered again as soon as the job is complete.
ESD ED 3072 Medium


With a compact design and lightweight aluminum construction, Easi-Dec platforms can be easily transported in a medium-size van or on a roof rack.



With a system weight of just 165lbs, Easi-Dec has a compact aluminum construction which means it is easy to store, transport and assemble on site.


Standard Legs provide a safe working platform height from 10 feet to 18 feet. Other available legs offer platform heights from between 3 feet (Micro Legs) and 22 feet (Super Legs).


Need to expand your working area? Two or more Easi-Dec platforms can be combined using our Roofline Catwalk to form a daisy chain of safety-compliant platforms (including an integral handrail system and toe boards).


Accessories, including rolling window bars, end support frames, and stand-off and corner kits, allow complete adaptability when encountering obstacles and corners.

Accessories Rolling Window Bar Overcome Glazing


No need to worry about damage to the building. The system has a thick padded bar that will roll up the side of the building during installation.

2M Platform On Mini Legs


After ascending the ladder, the top bar has an extensible handrail to close off the opening.




Need to create wider access? Join two Easi-Dec systems together with a bridge. The bridge comes complete with handrailing and integrates seamlessly with the two decks.

Solarline 8M


Eliminate the danger of carrying items up and down a ladder by using a specialized window and solar panel lift. The hand-operated pulley brings up windows and panels through a door at the bottom of the deck.



  • Easi-Dec platforms are tested to European and North American standards.

  • Certified to BS EN13374 Class C and EN12811.


    • How High do the platforms reach?
    • What is the lifespan of the product?
      Platforms are made of non-corrosive aluminium, high quality zinc plated steel and 220G FSC Buffalo Board. The metal parts have an expected life span of 25 years while plywood has an expected life span of 10 years, depending on the environment.
    • What is the total weight of the system?
      The weight depends on the platform and the leg length attached, but ranges from 121lbs. for a Mono-Dec to 562lbs. for a full Solar Access System. A standard Easi-Dec platform weighs 190lbs. This being said, the platforms are designed to easily be lifted by 2 men.
    • How stable is the system?
      The system is very stable. The compliance testing performed involves rolling a 165lb. cylinder down a 16ft. ramp set at 60o, which requires the platforms to withstand this impact. The platforms have also undergone Finite Element Analysis to ensure there are no weaknesses in the structural design.
    • Does the system always need to be tied in to the structure?
      Not always. A risk assessment should be undertaken prior to each job to make a determination; however, the system MUST be tied in when being used as edge protection.
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